Brad Carlton

Birth Name Brad Carlton
Genres Acoustic, Blues, Jazz, Jazz Blues, and Rock
Instruments Guitar
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February 5th, 1970 -That was the day I began my lifelong career of guitar education. Since then, I’ve discovered my passion truly lies in inspiring my students to realize their musical dreams. I am a self-taught musician, and throughout my 52+ years of teaching I’ve been a student of how people learn. My role as a coach is to teach you how to know and hear the information in your head, see it on your instrument, and execute it with flawless technique.

I’ve instructed literally thousands of students ranging from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, and I’ve created over 155 video courses which address various topics regarding playing the guitar. All of these are available at TrueFire. Rather than a one-size fits all approach to music education, I have found the more effective method, and one I truly enjoy, is through creating an element of spontaneity in a lesson, keeping both the student and the teacher excited about the idea of studying and discovering music through the instrument.

I have the reputation as the man who can play anything. I’m not stating this just to brag: Through being well-versed in many styles, I am equipped to teach students across a wide spectrum of musical genres and techniques.

As a professional musician, I’ve played literally every kind of gig you can imagine from funky bars to the classical concert stage, from session work to international European music festivals. Through these experiences and others, I can offer insight for the aspiring musician that extends far beyond the classroom.

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Guitar Riffs Lessons - #3 - Riff Generator - Brad Carlton
Guitar Riffs Lessons - #3 - Riff Generator - Brad Carlton
Improv Ala mode - Brad Carlton
Improv Ala mode - Brad Carlton
Guitar Lab: Solo 12-Bar Blues - Intro - Brad Carlton
Guitar Lab: Solo 12-Bar Blues - Intro - Brad Carlton

If the idea of studying with me sounds appealing, lets talk about my teaching philosophy:

  •  You are your own teacher and I am your coach.
  •  You will be encouraged to sing the music that you want to play, because if you can sing it, you can play it.
  • The foundational issues of rhythm will be preeminent in all that you do.
  • You will learn how to utilize the guitar to its maximum potential in the areas of melody, harmony, and rhythm.

You might be thinking, This guy is not for the faint of heart! Let me assure you: My goal is always that you enjoy improving in your craft and in the art of making music. Whether you’re a virtuoso or not, I truly believe that anyone can enjoy the pleasures of being able to express oneself through music.

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Robbie is a wonderful player and truefire were lucky enough to get him to make this fantastic course. Write Your First Song! is probably one of my favourite true fire courses, Robbie is not only a great player but also a very solid teacher. If your looking for something a little different in the telecaster department check out this course. 

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The next step after the Blues Scale This is the course you never knew you needed. It assumes knowledge of Dominant Blues Progressions and the Blues Scale, then explains WHY the Blues Scale actually works for improvising over all 12 Bars. You learn where the strong notes lie, how those strong notes change as the chords shift, which notes to target in your soloing etc but all within the Blues Scale (no key shifting going on here). It also acts as an introduction to modes before you get lost in the major scale. I have a few of Brad Carlton's courses and this one is maybe his most accessible and relaxed. It doesn't feel as 'heavy' as many of his other courses, yet it still contains the theory that is needed to understand the concepts.

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