Donner Circle Looper Pedal Review

When I decided to review the Donner Circle Looping Pedal I realised I had tried many of the major brand loopers, such as TC Electronics, BOSS, Pigtronix and Electro Harmonic. When this one arrived in the mail I was a little skeptical considering how darn cheap it was.  So I have to say I was pretty knocked out when I put the Donner Circle Looper Pedal to the test. 

If you’re looking to venture into the world of drum machines and loopers but don’t have a huge budget I think this pedal is the way to go. But does that mean you are making a compromise on quality ? Well let’s just say It’s a looper at a discount price, but in my opinion it’s not a discount looper.

The two button controls are worlds easier to use than a single button and the added LED display is a huge upgrade over the blinking light on most pedals. The drum machine might not be studio quality but I don’t thats the real application here -No one is going to be making a studio quality recording with a looping pedal. In my mind it’s a practicing tool but don’t get me wrong the sounds are not shabby. and making that process as fun as possible. Let’s dive in further….

Pedal Functions

Looper control.Select the position,volume level, and fade out Time of the Looper

 Indicates current Looper parameters

Display Screen

Indicates current Rhythm parameters

Rhythm control. Select the rhythm type,speed,and volume level of the Rhythm setting.

Switch on/off

Toggle Looper and drum machine to work independently or simultaneously. Hold to delete recorded tracks.

Switch on/off


The donner Circle Looper has 40 different tracks you can loop on, with unlimited overdubbing, which is just an awesome feature. You can use for solo jam sessions, or lay down a few tracks on the fly and build ideas on songs that you’re working on.


I noticed no loss of quality of the sound once I activated the loop, all while using reverb and delay. The drum machine has 100 different beats from 10 genres to choose from with various time signatures, and an additional 10 metronome beats. My only gripe with the drum machine was there could of been more 3/4 beats to choose from there was one in Pop and one in Fusion but I didn’t see a country which would have been a nice addition. There was a 3/4 metronome so no big deal. 


 The pedal is sturdy, knobs feel good, and the clicking foot pedals are easy to use.