Donner Vintaverb Review-Is It Worth The Money?

If your looking for a budget reverb pedal this Donner Vintaverb Review maybe your best choice.  The Donner Music Company have just released a new affordable stereo multi-reverb pedal. When I say affordable we are talking cheap, but does it sound cheap ? 

One of the best things about the continuous advancement in technology is the availability of high quality gear at affordable prices. Brands like Donner, in particular, have been putting out some very good pedals, at prices that are sometimes hard to believe.  The Donner Vintaverb is another example.

It houses 7 different reverb effects in one stompbox. It comes in a whole-aluminum sturdy casing. Besides the three adjustment knobs for customization, the pedal has nice extra features like the freeze function.

In this Donner Vintaverb reverb review I will be going through some of the features of this pedal. Like all donner pedals they are packaged well and arrive promptly. The have warehouses in USA, UK and Australia – please see links at end of article where Donner have given me coupon codes for my readers at Learn Guitar Cafe. 

Let’s start with the pros and cons.


  • Great value for the price
  • Some Nice Reverbs
  • Versatile pedal with 7 different reverb modes
  • Solid and good-looking stompbox
  • Freeze Function Is Great For Ambient recordings
  • Stereo inputs-outputs


  • No adapter comes in the box
  • Not all the reverbs are great

Donner Vintaverb Review Video Demonstration

The Vintaverb is a hefty full size pedal and comes with an all metal body, which really adds to the overall durability. It’s activated with a well made footswitch that also doubles up as a freeze switch. The freeze functionality indefinitely holds the trail of the reverb effect in use at that time for as long as you hold down the button.

It also features a true bypass function that allows a dry signal to pass through the pedal without having any impact on the tone. In addition, it even offers full stereo output, the second

There are 4 control dials; the first is a tone preamp control, this works like any other tone dial, cutting or opening up the treble frequencies to darken or brighten the sound.

The next dial is the mix control, this feature allows you to blend the effect into the tone, and gives you control over how obvious, or how subtle the reverb effect is. The decay knob controls how long the reverb trails last.

Donner Vintaverb is a multi type reverb pedal with 7 kinds of reverb algorithms ranging from essential to ambient.
Vintage reverb sounds like Room, Studio, Hall, Plate and Spring, but also includes Modulation Reverb and Distortion Reverb. My favourite was the Plate and Studio and was used in teh sound demonstration.

My Favourite Features

Basic reverb parameters help you setup your reverb sound  pretty quickly . The Freeze function, it can sustain your reverb effect whenever you want.
Stereo inputs and outputs offer you awesome and huge reverb tone. Trail ON Mode (Buffer Bypass) and True Bypass Mode provide you a choice to decide keeping reverb tail or keeping your tone characters.

My favourite aspect of this pedal was the freeze feature. There is quite a lot of creative potential in the Donner Vintaverb reverb pedal. When holding down the button the effects would extend almost like a volume control or expression pedal. It requires a litle getting used to but was alot of fun to use. 


Donner has an excellent R&D team and always seem to have glowing reviews( which are all posted with photos. Unlike Amazon where a lot of reviews are fake, Donner have a high standard in this regard. products. Overall, Donner products are definitely worth giving a shot. See my other reviews here:

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