Guitar Video Feedback

This a special private service I offer which has been very successful especially during the covid pandemic. Private one on one lessons via zoom are not always a viable option . Many players like this service as it gives them more freedom to play without someone watching them play live. It also allows more flexibility for the student and teacher.

Record your playing, upload your video and I will send you a feedback video as soon as I can, usually within two working days. You don’t need expensive equipment or a special set-up! Just use your phone, tablet or computer. I will watch your video and will make my own personalised video for you, including suggestions as to how you might improve your playing. I will show you exercises to practise at home that make your technique more flexible and which will encourage your playing to develop further. If you like, I will also include suggested repertoire you might explore in future.

This is a completely private feedback service. No one else on this website can see what you are working on. Moreover, this is a Pay-As-You-Go service. You only pay when you are ready to upload your video.