John Fillmore

Birth Name John Francis Fillmore
City London
Genres Acoustic, Fingerstyle, Jazz, Latin
Instruments Guitar
Associated acts John Fillmore Trio

John Fillmore began playing the Flamenco guitar at the age of 12 after hearing a neighbor playing a beautiful “Taranta” for his sick wife.
So enthralled with the sounds the guitarist was making, he begged his parents for a guitar.

Finally they agreed to get him one and John got started with lessons, going onto make his first public performance with a Flamenco dance troupe at the age of 14.

After studying with various guitar teachers in London, John went to Spain to study further at the Centro Flamenco in Cordoba. Being encouraged by the teachers and students there, John went on study at the Rotterdam conservatoire for six years, becoming the first graduate teacher and performer of Flamenco guitar.

He has gone on to play concerts all over the world with Flamenco companies, duos, trios, and as more over as a soloist, performing regularly at international guitar, jazz and world-music festivals.

Video Playlist
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John Fillmore (Part 1) featured in "Los Flamencos del Camino"     (Part 1 of 2)
John Fillmore (Part 1) featured in "Los Flamencos del Camino" (Part 1 of 2)
Flamenco Guitar Lesson - Escobillas - John Fillmore
Flamenco Guitar Lesson - Escobillas - John Fillmore
Flamenco Guitar Lesson - Intro Soleá - John Fillmore
Flamenco Guitar Lesson - Intro Soleá - John Fillmore

John was finalist at the “Concurso National de Arte Flamenco” Cordoba in 1998.

Apart from working as a concert performer and a recording artist, John is a fulltime Flamenco guitar tutor at La Guitarra Buena, Amsterdam.

How To Play Guitar Like John Fillmore

John is a wonderful player and truefire were lucky enough to get him to make this fantastic course. Soleares Flamenco Guidebook is probably one of my favourite true fire courses, John is not only a great player but also a very solid teacher. If your looking for something a little different in the flamenco department check out this course. 

Student Reviews
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A very good basic Flamenco course For anyone interested in learning soleares John Fillmore's brilliant course is the place to start. John is an excellent teacher (one-time pupil of the great Paco Peña), with a friendly, structured, non-pedantic approach. Flamenco guitar is by no means "easy" to master and you will need plenty of patience, dedication and perseverance - plus many hours of practice - to obtain a reasonable level of proficiency. but the slog is ultimately worth it. TrueFire would do well to ask Mr Fillmore if he could produce another volume, covering ,say, bulerias, alegrias, etc.


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