Otis Rush

Birth Name Otis Rush Jr.
Born April 29, 1934,Philadelphia, Mississippi, U.S.
Died September 29, 2018 (aged 84), Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Genres Blues, Chicago Blues, R&B
Instruments Vocals, Guitar
Associated Acts Buddy Guy, Magic Sam, Eddy Clearwater, Willie Dixon, Jesse Fortune

Otis Rush Jr. (April 29, 1934 – September 29, 2018) was an American blues guitarist and singer-songwriter. His distinctive guitar style featured a slow-burning sound and long bent notes. With qualities similar to the styles of other 1950s artists Magic Sam and Buddy Guy, his sound became known as West Side Chicago blues and was an influence on many musicians, including Michael Bloomfield, Peter Green and Eric Clapton.

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I`Cant Quit You Baby
I`Cant Quit You Baby
I Got The Blues
I Got The Blues
''Why I Sing The Blues'' [Live] (1973)
''Why I Sing The Blues'' [Live] (1973)

Rush was left-handed and played as such; however, his guitars were strung with the low E string at the bottom, upside-down from typical guitarists. He often played with the little finger of his pick hand curled under the low E for positioning. It is widely believed that this contributed to his distinctive sound. He had a wide-ranging, powerful tenor voice.
Rush moved to Chicago, Illinois, in 1948/49 and, after being inspired by Muddy Waters, made a name for himself playing in blues clubs on the South and West Side of the city. During this period he formed his own group, initially under the name Little Otis. From 1956 to 1958, he recorded for the independent label Cobra Records and released eight singles, some featuring Ike Turner or Jody Williams on guitar. His first single, “I Can’t Quit You Baby”, in 1956 reached number 6 on the Billboard R&B chart. During his tenure with Cobra, he recorded some of his best-known songs, such as “Double Trouble” and “All Your Love (I Miss Loving).”

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