Pierre Bensusan

Birth Name Pierre Bensusan
Born October 30, 1957
City Oran
Genres Acoustic, Fingerstyle, New Age, Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass
Instruments Guitar
Associated acts

“It’s Like The Guitar Has Been Given Free Reign To Play It’s Self!”

French-Algerian acoustic guitar virtuoso, vocalist and composer Pierre Bensusan, surnamed “Mister DADGAD”, has taken his unique sound to all corners of the globe.

Winner of the Independent Music Award for his triple live album “Encore”, voted Best World Music Guitarist by Guitar Player Magazine reader’s Poll, winner of the Rose d’Or at the Montreux Festival for his debut album, Pierre is recognized as one of the greatest guitar players of the 21st century.

Born in Oran, French-Algeria, in 1957, when France was decolonizing its Empire, Pierre Bensusan’s family moved to Paris when he was 4. He began formal studies on piano at the age of 7 and at 11 taught himself guitar. Influenced in those early days by the folk revival blooming in Britain, France and North America, Bensusan began first to explore his own diverse musical heritage and then moved to the horizons beyond. He signed his first recording contract at 17, and one year later his first album, “Près de Paris”, won the Grand Prix du Disque upon his debut at the Montreux Festival in Switzerland.

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DADGAD Cafe / Hymn 11
DADGAD Cafe / Hymn 11
"Night Song" Pierre Bensusan
"Night Song" Pierre Bensusan
Chant De Nuit
Chant De Nuit

Described by the L.A. Times as “one of the most unique and brilliant acoustic guitar veterans in the world music scene today”, Pierre’s name became synonymous with contemporary acoustic guitar genius, long before the terms New Age or World Music were invented. He has literally created a style of playing with the ability to make a single guitar sound like an entire band as he brings the audience on a mesmerizing musical journey. And yet, Bensusan is more than what any musician or music lover expects from a guitarist. He is a composer as well as a bilingual and original and improvisational vocalist, with his own scat technique.

Immortalised by the tune “Bensusan” written in tribute by the late Michael Hedges, and referenced as an important inspiration to many other great musicians, Pierre Bensusan is a one-of-a-kind artist whose music transcends genre and time, with an uninhibited sense of musical freedom and expression, a sense of something both playful and serious, otherworldly yet right here right now. His “manner” of playing defies classification – crossing world, classical, jazz, traditional, folk, pop and more. None can be isolated as simply “World Music”, “Celtic”, “Arabic” or “French”; rather, they represent Pierre’s genuine vocabulary and the best part of our world in its current state, a world sharing itself. Not to be missed!

How To Play Guitar Like Pierre Bensusan

Pierre is a wonderful player and truefire were lucky enough to get him to make this fantastic course. DADGAD Exlorer is probably one of my favourite true fire courses, Pierre is not only a great player but also a very solid teacher. If your looking for something a little different in this department check out this course. 

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As the first reviewer expressed, this is not a "how to" on DADGAD tuning. Instead, it is a course for the guitar "explorer," as the name rightfully suggests. There is no repository of chords or belabored measure-wise play-by-play. If you want a roughand-ready intro to DADGAD, there are books published by various authors that fill that role. If yo u just want to work with Pierre Bensusan's repertoire, his published sheet music may be a better resource for that. On the other hand, if your music is at all feeling stale and you need fresh ideas or a philosophical tune-up, this is the course for you. Bensusan demonstrates carefully and succinctly the arsenal of techniques he uses to express himself on the acoustic guitar, supported with methodical explanations and detailed practice exercises. Of all the acoustic guitar courses I have worked with, this course distinguishes itself in the presentation of a systematized way for evaluating and improving technique -- a resource that is all too hard to come by on an instrument dominated by self-taught musicians. Bensusan's course definitely has increased value for those working in DADGAD, or at least an open tuning, as many of the exercises highlight how to effectively use open strings, and all the performance studies are of course in DADGAD. It's also fair to say that a handful of the technique sections are skeletal and are only really useful as a launching point for continued in-depth exploration in practice or using outside resources. But to me, that's part of the thrill: getting a taste of the seemingly infinite array of paths I could pursue, and catching a bit of Bensusan's insatiable curiosity in the meantime.

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