Tony MacAlpine

Birth Name Tony MacAlpine
Born August 29, 1960, Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.
Age 59
Genres Instrumental Rock, Neoclassical Metal, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Jazz Fusion
Instruments Guitar, Keyboard, Piano
Associated Acts Planet X, CAB, Steve Vai, Seven the Hardway, Ring of Fire, Vinnie Moore

Tony MacAlpine (born August 29, 1960) is an American musician and composer. In a career spanning three decades and thirteen studio album.

MacAlpine does not simply seek the discursive legitimacy that performing classical music or employing a classical style can give a heavy metal musician. Rather, as a black American guitarist, he displays a virtuosity in the European concert tradition to transcend the stereotypes of black musicians as intuitive talents who draw on emotional excess as opposed to thoughtful musicians whose abilities are the product of training, diligent study and practice.

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The Kings Rhapsody
The Kings Rhapsody
Concrete Gardens
Concrete Gardens
Man in a Metal Cage
Man in a Metal Cage

Known for his instrumental rock style of playing that displays highly advanced shred techniques; one of his most oft-used techniques being ‘sweep tapping’, a variation of sweep picking, he has incorporated elements of classical, jazz, fusion, hard rock and heavy metal on both guitar and keyboard, and has been described as a virtuoso by Jason Ankeny at AllMusic.

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