1950’s Guitarists

Freddie King

Freddy King, ¨The Texas Cannonball¨, was born in Guilmer, Texas in 1934. His mother and uncle taught started teaching him to play guitar when he was 6. At 16 years of age, he moved with his family from Texas to Chicago.
The guitar playing style of Freddy King is a

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BB King

There are a great many reasons to esteem blues legend B.B King. One that stands out, though, is a tireless work ethic that is paralleled by very few other professional musicians, especially when it comes to touring. He was a bona fide troubadour, and has routinely played between

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Magic Sam

Magic Sam Biography
No blues guitarist better represented the adventurous modern sound of Chicago’s West side more proudly than Sam Maghett. He died tragically young (at age 32 of a heart attack), just as he was on the brink of climbing the ladder to legitimate stardom, but Magic Sam left behind a thick legacy

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